Paleo Wraps: Primal Sweet Ricotta Recipe

By | 2015-09-20

Here’s a treat that we enjoyed years ago, and we continue to have as a sweet snack. This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Sweet Ricotta Primal Recipe Using Paleo Wraps!” The possibilities are endless, with the new Paleo Wrap that Julian Bakery is offering, I can’t stop coming up with awesome combinations of meals, treats, snacks, anything I can think of… Cause they all taste great in the Paleo Wrap and they stay together too!

This snack starts off with some whole milk ricotta cheese, mixed up with shredded unsweetened coconut, a nice tablespoon of my favorite nut butter; Paleo MeeNut Butter!! Some Coconut Secret — Coconut Nectar for a little sweetness, but also for some nutrients that other nectars wouldn’t provide! A couple dashes of cinnamon, along with a couple pieces of Paleo Chocolate which is the best dark chocolate you can source! Full Recipe: