Paleo Tomato Egg Breakfast On Paleo Bread

By | 2016-08-28

Paleo Tomato Egg Breakfast On Paleo Bread Recipe

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Tomato, Egg & Sauerkraut Breakfast Sandwich.” After a week of being away from home on a trip, I totally am craving another Paleo Bread™ sandwich!! I cannot wait to get right to business here; with a couple slices of the low-carb, gluten-free, NON-GMO coconut Paleo Bread™. I’m looking to top this one with some fresh ingredients, as natural as possible, like some locally raised eggs that are hormone and antibiotic free… cause we don’t want any of that! Some fresh sauerkraut filled with probiotics to promote good gut-flora, and keep us healthy and happy…. A sliced up clove of garlic for some anti-inflammatory properties, to keep those nasty bugs away! And a thick slice of tomato for some lycopene and other beneficial nutrients to give us that extra edge that we all need. And to add the benefits of the Paleo Bread™, like healthy fats from the coconut oil, and protein and fiber to keep us fuller longer and able to perform, we have a sandwich that should be considered a super-food