Paleo Bread, Sandwich Bread, 24 Oz, 14 Slices

By | 2015-08-04
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Our Paleo-friendly Sandwich Bread is a delicious natural alternative for all your bread needs. Made with Almond Flour and Golden Flax, our loaves are great for sandwiches or a slice of toast. (Contains 14 slices)

This is a high quality product. Some other paleo style breads have water as the first ingredient. This bread starts out with almond butter and continues with nothing but high quality, real foods ingredients. It's expensive to make however we've done our best to keep the price as affordable as possible.

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Customer Reviews

This is the best paleo sandwich bread we have ever used

 on February 10, 2017
By US Expat living in Mexico
I had a year off work in 2015. I spent the year, several hour a day, in kitchen making all kinds of paleo and (paleo – ish) foods from scratch, non-gmo, pastured, mostly organic, and all from scratch. I never perfected no-grain breads to my spouses approval except for the “cornbread” (no corn or other grains at all). This is the best paleo sandwich bread we have ever used. One we purchase frozen, AmazonFresh…., we like the tiny muffins and buns, but the sandwich bread, while tasting good, is way too moist and takes some special handling to get enough moisture out to use. This bread is fine as is. Note; all the loaves I’ve received have been shipped with dry

Quality product

 on March 22, 2017
We’ve started eating primal in our household, which includes eliminating grains. We’re not big bread eaters in the first place, but we do like the convenience of having a bread-like product around the house. This product is tasty and fits well into our new way of eating.

Great taste for Paleo bread at a good price for 5, but small loaves.

 on October 20, 2017
By Jan S-dell
I love the taste of this. It’s a great bargain for Paleo bread when you buy 5 at a time, but so you know, the loaves are small. IF you’ve been Paleo shopping for even just a few weeks, you know that anything Paleo is expensive. Also you are not going to be using much of this at one time (for most people) and therefore most bakers make them small. If you are new to buying Paleo food, know that many of the Paleo breads taste lousy, but this one tastes pretty good, but again, don’t expect the big loaves.These are pretty small loaves.I keep mine in the freezer and only take out a slice of bread as needed. Others on here say their loaves only last a day or 2 in the frig and then get moldy.I’ve never had this problem. My Paleo loaves from this co last for weeks in the freezer. The key to keeping them fresh and good is you need to keep them frozen until an hr or so before using. A slice will unthaw within a few min.

Sugar blues! Don’t let sugar addiction create dis-ease in your life!

 on August 2, 2017
I loved the bread! I feel guilty as a natural body builder of 30 years where high carbs are now at the age of 52 my downfall. The bread allowed me to have my salmon and avocado at night without paying the price in the morning. My body processes quickly and after 3 decades of trial and error I know what works and doesn’t work. I don’t really do reviews and did not get free anything like lobbyists to promote this bread. Try it for yourself and stick to high fat and protein and low carbs. Good luck and God bless!

Any decent paleo bread is awesome in my book

 on January 12, 2017
By Steven D Solof
Any decent paleo bread is awesome in my book. Great ingredients. Great taste. The only things keeping it from 5 stars: It’s advertised as a sandwich bread, which makes me think of a white or wheat bread. This tastes more like a sweet zucchini bread. You can certainly use it for sandwiches, but I wound up using it more like a side bread for breakfast with eggs and bacon, or a dessert bread with butter, honey, and cinnamon. Perhaps making another recipe that is less sweet would have it come across as more of an actual sandwich bread, and that way they could have two choices.

Yummy – but NOT like the photo

 on June 4, 2017
By Amazon Customer
The photo is quite misleading, the slices are MUCH thinner and you have to re-slice them or they crumble apart. That said, once you get a couple non-crumbled slices pried from the loaf – they’re quite tasty. I make a sandwich and then cut it into six bite sized sections – otherwise, if you cut a sandwich in half, it will just decompose all over your shirt. I’d love to try toasting it, but the slices are so thin and crumbly I fear I’ll never get them out of the toaster – maybe a toaster oven would work (don’t know).

it’s more like a treat

 on March 17, 2015
By lois capossela
I am totally gluten free. This is by far the most delicious bread, did I say bread, it’s more like a treat ! My husband and I love it’s texture and flavor! It’s a definite winner! Beats all other Paleo breads out there. Worth every penny!

This bread is awesome! Better than Paleo Bread in my opinion because …

 on February 7, 2015
By Todd Holzman
Primal/Paleo Fans! This bread is awesome! Better than Paleo Bread in my opinion because consistency is more like real bread. Paleo bread – while tasty – is inconsistent. Sometime the bread falls apart sometimes it doesn’t. But this brand is consistent. I’m eating sandwiches again…hooray!!!


 on May 3, 2017
By Anonymouse
The loaf is a bit smaller than it appears in the picture but I guess your eyes and brain fill in the extra with what you’re familiar with. I like the taste very much but like some of the reviewers, I found it did not quite taste like regular bread. This is not a detraction by the way. It does have a delicate sweet taste and I guess that is the coconut flavor coming out. Also it falls apart quite easily. It does toast relatively well although it does have a bit of an oily residue.

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Paleo Bread, Sandwich Bread, 24 Oz, 14 Slices

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Our Paleo-friendly Sandwich Bread is a delicious natural alternative for all your bread needs. Made with Almond Flour and Golden Flax, our loaves are great for sandwiches or a slice of toast. (Contain… Read more…
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