Paleo Banana Bread Cake & Muffin Mix

By | 2015-08-25

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Enjoy the classic flavor of banana bread with this moist and delicious paleo baking mix. Simple to make, Paleo Banana Bread and Cake Mix is a quick and easy way to indulge your taste buds without breaking your commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. Just add a few everyday pantry items and ripe bananas for a rich and moist banana bread or muffins. Keep a few Paleo Banana Bread and Muffins mixes in your cupboard and make a delicious banana bread every time those bananas on your counter get a little too ripe!

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Customer Reviews

Easy & Delicious!!

 on March 30, 2016
By Oregon Mom
Love this mix, excited to try the other flavors from this brand! I did cut back the add-in ingredients a little bit (4 eggs instead of 5, a little less honey and coconut oil than it called for), and I also added some chopped walnuts and mini chocolate chips! Will definitely be ordering this again 🙂

It won’t taste like your regular banana bread that has gluten in it

 on November 21, 2016
By jessie
It won’t taste like your regular banana bread that has gluten in it, because hazelnut flour and coconut flour won’t rise as much. That being said, It is super nutty and aromatic and cakey and scrumptious. I also used the same mix to bake carrot bread and pumpkin bread. You can follow the recipe on the back of the package or add one more egg or a little more oil. I experimented with all that and they all turnt out to be really delicious. I am not on any kind of diet but still find this mix really enjoyable, even more so than regular bread I buy from bakeries. The key is to let it completely cool down before depaning it. The coconut oil in the recipe will improve the consistency since it is semi solid under room temperature.

Probably the best Paleo baking product I’ve tried

 on November 15, 2016
By S. E. Hendricks
Probably the best Paleo baking product I’ve tried. It tasted like actual banana bread. So many times with other Paleo products I’ve had to try to turn my taste buds off or trick them into thinking I was actually eating a baked good. Not with this mix. And it was super easy to make. Just fair warning…uses good bit of honey and banana so it’s not low carb. The nutritional facts read as though it is but that’s before quite a bit of honey and banana are adddd.

Yum! Best Paleo Banana Bread/Muffins!

 on December 11, 2016
By Thiessen
This is one of the best paleo recipes on the planet! You would never even know that they are not full of gluten! My husband enjoyed the muffins so much he asked if we could make them again. The muffin/bread mix has just the right balance between the hazelnut and coconut flour; and is not overwhelmingly coconut in flavor. I do add one extra banana to the mix, but I do that with all my banana bread recipes. The second time I baked extra so that we could vacuum seal them for a quick snack or delicious breakfast.

Bomb dot com

 on August 15, 2017
By Adriana Elizabeth
If you don’t like this you’re doing it all wrong, I made these into muffins and they were super moist!!!! I threw everything into a bowl and whisked it I know the recipe says mix dry then wet and blah blah just throw it all in boom mix done. Muffins bake 25-30 mins on 350. I baked some at 30 they were not as moist as the 25 min ones. My bf and I decided to replace our protein bars and eat these instead. We tried the chocolate one as well also bomb! New favorite mix

Great Baking Mix – Not Banana Bread

 on September 27, 2017
By Reggierae
For me, this products earns a 4 star review, because although this is a great baking mix, I feel calling it a Banana bread and muffin mix is misleading. The consumer adds the eggs, oil, honey, water and bananas. Their “blueberry muffin” mix is the same. The buyer needs to add the blueberries and other wet ingredients… That being said, the baking mix produces a wonderfully moist muffin. In fact, it’s the best grain free muffin mix I’ve tried! Another plus, most paleo style mixes use almond flour, which can pose a problem for people who are sensitive to almonds.This mix is formulated with hazelnut and coconut flour.

Nutty and amazing!!❤️❤️❤️

 on August 19, 2017
By Dcortez
I’m doing KETO and I am 2 weeks in. I wanted to play with some recipes and make bread, pancakes and such. I was out of some ingredients for coconut flour pancakes that this mix had sooooo I used 3 tablespoons of this mix, cream cheese, vanilla extract, packet of stevia, salt, 1 egg, butter and water. It made 3 pancakes. I served them with whipped cream and they were delicious!!! The recipe called for 2 more eggs but I didn’t want the eggy taste. My picky family ate them without syrup!!! I will purchase another bag for the loaf I wanted to make and will keep this one for weekends❤️👌🏼

Best muffin I have had paleo!!

 on November 1, 2017
By Earth RN
Love , Love this stuff! But the price is crazy high! The ingredients that are put into it to cost a lot of money even if you separated and made it on your own so for the convenience I can’t complain that much. But my all my stuff has to be budget friendly so this is a rare purchase. If you got the bucks Buy it it’s excellent one of the best Paleo muffins out there!

I have made banana bread from scratch with almond and coconut flours which turned out very good. I would rate this the same

 on May 1, 2018
By Soonerfan58
This product produced two 9″ loaves of bread that were about 2 inches thick. I did have to add all the wet ingredients. I have made banana bread from scratch with almond and coconut flours which turned out very good. I would rate this the same. I realize I could buy the various flours required but they are expensive and I dont bake often enough to have excess flour stored in the fridge. This is very convenient for me. Also got it within two days so saved me a trip to the store. Would highly recommend for lovers of banana bread!!

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