Paleo Almond Lemon Chicken Recipe

By | 2015-08-01

“Paleo Almond Lemon Chicken.” I love it when my wife brings Paleo to a new level, and this dinner definitely is one of those meals…. And I also get excited to see her swapping new, healthy, Paleo-approved products in place of ingredients that we’ve used in the past. Knowing this recipe worked just fine with marmalade and cornstarch years ago, and updating it with Coconut Secret — Coconut Nectar and arrowroot powder, she made sure this delicious dish remained delicious but kept it Paleo!
Coconut Nectar is one of our latest and greatest, which we picked up from Julian Bakery…. We noticed it one day when we were stocking up on Paleo Bread, and ever since we’ve been in love. It has replaced not just our Agave Nectar, but apparently marmalade and sometimes maple syrup as well! And since its jam packed with amino acids and a broad spectrum of B vitamins, it’s a no brainer that we would switch over to the Coconut Nectar. Especially when it tastes great!!!

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