Nut-free Fudgy Brownies

By | 2015-07-12

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Bill and I have been talking about brownies for a few weeks now. I keep making the joke that our chickens serve us breakfast and brownies, but really they just give us eggs to make things like brownies. Bill has been asking me for brownies for weeks as well. He doesn’t usually crave any particular dessert. Sometimes he will say he wants ice cream, but usually anything I feel like making, he will be excited for. It’s rare though that he asks for something specific like brownies. Plus I don’t even think brownies are one of his favorite desserts.

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Anyway, I made fudgy brownies for Make it Paleo 2, and I really was proud of that recipe. I had a hard time making brownies prior to that without them being too cakey, and I really think brownies should be moist and fudgy. If they are like cake, then you’ve made a square chocolate cake, not brownies. Right? Right. I guess there are probably some people out there that like cake-like brownies though, so my apologies with that.

Paleo friendly brownies

The only problem with my recipe was that I used chestnut flour, and almond flour would be an acceptable substitution if you don’t have chestnut flour. I really wanted to make a nut-free version of these brownies, but I was stuck on it because I felt like using coconut flour would make them too dry. I thought about trying cassava flour, but I was worried that wouldn’t work as I hoped either. I decided a seed butter was my best option. I wanted to use sunflower seed butter, but of course I didn’t have any, and I’ve mentioned before that I tend to bake on a whim. Thankfully I had a brand new jar of tahini (made from sesame seeds) in our pantry, so I decided to use that.

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I was really worried that the tahini flavor would be too over powering for this recipe, but it actually worked quite well. No odd flavor detected!

Since I was using tahini, I really wanted to up the flavor profile to make sure that things turned out as I hoped. I based this recipe off of the one in Make it Paleo 2 (which is also here on our site), so I really just followed along my own recipe, and swapped a few things.

The first was I used Guittard Chocolate, because I had some, and it’s amazing. I went with a lighter version, 63%, because if you know me, you know that I think dark chocolate is the devil. That’s an exaggeration, but basically the truth. Gimme all the milk chocolate!

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