How To Make Paleo Pancakes

By | 2016-08-30

Keeping a Paleo Diet doesn’t have to be bland! One way that Hunter and I mashed up our breakfast routine was with this Paleo Pancake recipe. It only takes minutes!

Paleo Pancakes Recipe:
1 Banana
1 Large Egg
2 Tbsp Olive Oil (Cold Press Extra Virgin)
Handful Shredded Coconut
Handful Dark Chocolate Chips

Peel banana and mash into a medium sized bowl. Add 1 egg and blend mixture. Add handful of both shredded coconut and dark chocolate chips to mixture and stir (alt ingredients: Almonds, Vanilla, Cinnamon, ect.). Turn stove on medium-low heat and place a heaping Tbsp of Coconut Oil into pan. When Coconut Oil is melted, add another small tsp of Coconut Oil into pan and adjust heat to a low simmer. Scoop 1 Tbsp of pancake batter onto pan and wait until the edges brown. Flip pancake and allow time to cook.