How To Make Mango & Banana Pudding — Paleo Pudding Snack Recipe

By | 2015-09-20

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Zac shares a simple recipe for a high-protein pudding that can act as a great Paleo snack between other meals. This can add in muscle development or even aid in weight loss if you’re looking to fill yourself up.

Hey guys. We’re going to make some pudding. All we’re going to need; half a
banana, some frozen mango, like so. Some dates is going to sweeten it up a
bit more as well, a lot of B vitamins, a lot of fiber in dates. Chia seeds,
one of my favorites. The omegas, the good fats. So that’s about a
tablespoon. Put them in there. And quarter cup of cashew milk. We made that
before. It’s just some cashews and water blended up. This could be almond
milk or whatever milk you like to use. Lastly, we’re going to put some
protein in. It’s up to you. It’s just lifting or thickening it up, but it’s
a great way to get more protein into your diet. This is a great snack in
between meals. Just one scoop’s enough. On the lowest setting, we don’t
want to blend this too much. Alright. That made a bit of noise. Mmm. Love
it. There we go. Kind of tastes like caramel. It’s a caramel, banana, mango
pudding with chia seeds, dates. Put some of these on for garnish. Some chia
seeds. And there you have it: pudding. Oh, yeah. Mmm. That is so good. I’m
giving this to myself.

Hey guys, we’re going to make some ice cream. You can call it gelato. It’s
up to you. You just need two ingredients: yogurt and frozen mango. Okay.
It’s up to you. You can use other yogurts. You can make raw yogurt out of
different macadamias and things like this… [ends]