Healthy Chocolate Cake Recipe – Vegan Paleo Chocolate Cake

By | 2015-09-20

Today is mother’s day!

If you haven’t thought of what to give your mom this day here is a great idea of what to pamper her with.

I made this cake thinking of my own mom, but since she isn’t close to me right now I just made this video hoping I would one day be able to make it for her.

So if you have your mom close to you, treasure her and make her something from the heart and that will be good for both her and you.

This cake is a tasty treat that is actually made with really good wholefood ingredients and no processed sugar!

My mom loves sweet treats but like most of us have to restrict herself but with this cake you can have a guilt free treat and even have two slices or more :).

This cakes is gluten-free and uses almond flour instead of regular processed wheat flour. Also as sweeterners we’re using more natural not so heavily processed sources like agave nectar and dates.

What makes this cake vegan is the lack of eggs and milk, so to substitute that we’re using a ripe mashed banana, but if you want to make this recipe with eggs substitute the banana with 4 eggs.

I love coconut milk and this works great as milk substitute. But if you want to you can change it for any dairy-free milk of your liking.

I really hope you gives this recipe a try, it is surprisingly delicious and decadent.

If you want a full ingredients list please visit my blog:

Till next time