Best Chocolate Almond Butter Pie! No Bake -Vegan/Paleo Dessert

By | 2015-10-18

Greatest and laziest recipe! Easy clean up, no bake & no fancy ingredients. 1 Can of coconut milk blended with 4 TB chocolate powder (cacao bitch), 4 TB sweetener (or not… I bet it’s good without!), 8-10 TB thick almond butter. DONE! I used a cheap graham cracker crust that’s been in my freezer for months. You could make a graham cracker crust easily (crackers, oil, sweetener) or make a grain-free crust with nuts & dates. This dairy free, soy free, gluten free pie filling is amazing. You could (and should) just make it a smoothie and save your time waiting on the pie to set. Make the night before for the greatest breakfast ever. Make sure this is completely chilled before cutting into it. I bought the almond butter from the cheap food store (expired/discount store) for $1.50. HELL YEAH

I was inspired by this recipe: