Primal Sausage Mushroom Egg Goat Cheese On Paleo Bread

Hey all you food lovers out there, this is Dan from Primal4Life with another lovely breakfast. After making breakfast for my wife and daughter, now it’s my turn to chow! I’ve been in the mood for some breakfast sausage, but want to make it as healthy as possible. So, as our parents always reminded us to “eat our veggies”, I’m doing just that. Some mushrooms and avocado to bring in some delicious nutrients. Those items will be “egg-sandwiched” in some Julian Bakery Paleo Bread along with raw goat cheese.
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How does this happen? Well, I started cooking up some of the best breakfast sausage I could find. While that was going, I prepped the add on’s; with sliced mushrooms and ½ an avocado on stand by. Goat cheese will go on last, to get melted on top of the scrambled eggs. Two slices of Julian Bakery’s coconut Paleo Bread is ready to get fired up, while three local eggs are also about to take a dip in the frying pan with some coconut oil. That’s just how I roll…. Then, I let it all come together!
• 2 slices of Paleo Bread™ — Coconut or Almond, toasted
• Dab of coconut oil for frying plantain
• 3 eggs
• Breakfast sausage — amount depends on how much you want.
• ½ avocado
• 2 mushrooms — sliced
• Goat cheese — crumbled
• Salt & pepper
1. Cook breakfast sausage
2. Start cooking eggs in frying pan, with dab of coconut oil. Salt and pepper to taste.
3. Toast Paleo Bread™
4. Add mushrooms to scrambled eggs, then add cheese towards the end of completion.
5. When toast is complete, lay sausage on 1st slice of bread, then add eggs/mushrooms.
6. Smear avocado onto 2nd slice, and merge slices to complete sandwich.
Prep Time:
• 2 minutes
Cook Time:
• 20 minutes
• 1
This has been one of the most filling sandwiches I’ve had in a while. The saltiness of the pork, combined with the creamy avocado and cheese, and chunks of mushrooms, I can’t say enough!! Also, I highly suggest using the BROIL feature on the coconut Paleo Bread, as it really crisps it up!

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Thanks, and happy Wednesday!

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