Paleo Sticks, Grass Fed Beef Sticks with 35% Organ Meat, 1 Oz

By | 2015-08-29

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The next generation grass-fed, grass-finished beef stick is here! Introducing the "offaly-delicious" Beef & Organ Stick from the innovators at "On The Go Paleo".

Why Organ Meat?
Our ancestors ate "head to tail" and focused on consuming the organ meats first due to their incredible nutrient density. They instinctively knew this was a key to good health, but in the modern world this wisdom has been mostly forgotten, and finding and preparing organ meats can be difficult.

The stick contains a 35% combination heart, kidney and liver. But you'd never know it by the taste, which is fantastic and very satisfying. These are great for everyone looking to improve their nutrtion, but especially for parents who would like to see their children getting the nutritional punch delivered by organ meats but would otherwise have a hard time to get them to eat it. Kids love this and so will you!

The revolution will not be televised. It will be eaten one stick at a time! Enjoy.

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Customer Reviews

good protein with organ meats

10 people found this helpful.
 on January 4, 2015
By Cooljonnorris
Pretty good stuff.

Delicious and healthy

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 on October 7, 2014
By Robin
These are yummy. There is the slightest hint of a livery taste which might bug some people but not me. Kind of tastes like a cross between a Slim Jim and pate’. This is a convenient way to get the benefits of organ meats in a tasty shelf stable form. You could actually get kids to eat these. They would make great hiking snacks too.


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 on February 6, 2015
By rearlwriter
I agree with the reviewer who said they taste slightly of liver — kind of a mild liverwurst flavor. Personally, it’s something I can totally live with, not bad at all. Glad to have found these. I think they are better chilled, so I keep them in the frig.

I love these nutrient dense babies- Amazon bring them back

 on April 19, 2015
By Jessica Davidson
I love these and they gave me courage to try organ meats. They are the perfect snack for me along with a piece of cheese (not Paleo I know but I need what high fat dairy products have to offer). These are also more nutrient dense than other grass fed beef sticks do to their inclusion of organ meats (all other beef sticks on Amazon lack organ meat) making them a nutritional as well as flavor winner for me. I am crushed that they are no longer available on Amazon. Dear Amazon it is dangerous to have me needing to look elsewhere for products (I was prepared to buy a number of products here today but since I need to go elsewhere for one item I might as well buy all the other items elsewhere to get the break on shipping)

These paleo sticks were the perfect entry point

 on June 8, 2015
By Sam
I’ll be honest: seeing organ meat in my afternoon snack is something I wouldn’t imagine looking forward to. I’ve been wanting to try it, however, given how nutrient-rich and relatively affordable they are. These paleo sticks were the perfect entry point. The flavor is amazing you — without reading the label, you would just it’s regular beef jerky (and tasty jerky at that!). So you get a great nutrient spectrum, a lower price than a pure grass-fed meat stick, and really great taste.

Darn good meat sticks for paleo

 on July 20, 2015
By Hartle
Meets almost all the requirements of AIP. I am a little hazy on some of the spices. I find it really hard to eat liver and other offal. I don’t know why. I eat everything else. These have an extremely subtle liver taste. They are easy to pack / carry. Are filling when you just need something to tide you over. I can’t find anything wrong except there isn’t a “Sticks” store at the end of my block so I have to order them on line and then wait a couple of days.

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!!

 on April 15, 2015
By Misty
This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I don’t care for liver and neither does my husband. We both LOVE these sticks as well as my 2 grand children. It’s nice to have this option without cooking liver, heart and kidney. There is a slight liver flavor but in our opinion, it just makes it a bit richer.

Really good and very convenient!!!

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 on March 21, 2015
These are really good and very convenient!!! They don’t have much added sugar, they have 7g of protein, and they have organ meat, which I don’t think you can really taste but I do generally like organ meats. These will be my go to snack and travel meal from now on. I love them 🙂

Great product

One person found this helpful.
 on December 5, 2014
By Patty MacDuffie
Excellent product. Takes a bit of getting used to the taste of organ meats. Still working on that – but I suppose it is worth working on! It’s not your grocery store beef jerky sticks – not as chewy, not as fatty – but that’s why we go to organic and paleo, right? Glad to have them in my paleo grab bag!

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